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Dog Federation
of Wisconsin

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About the Dog Federation of Wisconsin

What is the Dog Federation of Wisconsin?

We are a group of dog owners - pet owners, breeders, hunters, exhibitors, trainers, mushers, veterinary personnel, or pet professionals - who are interested in working to protect our rights to own and enjoy our dogs.

What is the Federation working on right now?

  • Providing information to hunters regarding laws impacting their ability to work with their dogs
  • Providing information to pet and kennel owners and kennel clubs to help them fight new restrictive zoning laws
  • Working to make dog owners aware of possible problems with their home owners' insurance policies due to dog ownership, and how to fight these problems

What has the Federation done in the past?

  • Worked to defeat Wisconsin Assembly Bill 536 which would have negatively impacted every home breeder and rescuer in the state
  • Worked to rescind rule that allows the state to ban dogs in any state owned property
  • Had a lobbyist that kept us apprised of all proposed dog and/or pet related legislation (several bills per year)
  • Worked with legislators to sponsor a generic dangerous dog law that would prevent local communities from passing breed specific dog laws
  • Developed disaster planning for pet owners
  • Held seminars on breed rescue, animal laws, and zoning regulations
  • Developed name recognition and credibility with the state legislature, and we are now consulted to help write legislation
  • Helped develop fenced, off leash dog parks (and one dog beach!) in several areas of Wisconsin
  • Worked with the state to write requirements for the training and continuing education of Humane Officers

What is the Federation planning for the future?

Stay tuned! We'll announce upcoming events and activities on our site here.

Dog owners (through license fees) subsidize regulation and the payment of damages caused by all animals, yet we are shockingly unorganized and unrepresented. We face a real threat of losing our pet ownership rights due to our lethargy.

Help get dog owner input in dog legislation by joining us today!




Do you know what the current animal ordinance in your community says?

Do you know where to watch for upcoming legislative proposals?

What would you do if your favorite dog breed were banned in your community?

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