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  • 11/2/2013 - Dog Federation of Wisconsin Annual Fundraiser. An Obedience "Show & Go", Conformation Run Thrus, CGC Test, Raffle and Lure Coursing! Details and Entry Form.

    The Dog Federation of Wisconsin (DFOW) is the unified voice of those who value the love of a good dog. We work to educate the public and law makers on responsible dog ownership, the threat animal rights poses to animal ownership and we work on canine legislation at federal, state and local levels.

    It is our goal to insure that the people of Wisconsin continue to enjoy their right to own dogs. We believe that our citizens - and future generations - should have the right to choose where they wish to purchase their dog and the freedom to make their own decision as to whether or not to breed it.

    • Do you know what the current animal ordinance in your community says?
    • What would you do if your favorite dog breed were banned in your community?
    • Do you know where to watch for upcoming legislative proposals?

    The Dog Federation of Wisconsin is here to help. Explore our website and learn what you can do to protect your rights as a dog owner.


    What's New?

    11/3/2012 - Important article for all animal owners Rescue Raids: Confiscation Racket. Humane groups team with animal control to seize and sell valuable animals; in-depth investigation, legal advice, resources, information provided by

    11/3/2012 - It's time for our annual DFOW Show and Go!

    6/29/2012 - Don't miss our Second Annual Fabulous Fish Fry fundraiser to benefit Comfort Companions.

    5/10/2012 - USDA Proposes to Close Loophole on Retail Pet Sales: APHIS Stakeholders Teleconference Call transcript.

    5/4/2011 - The DFOW Foundation announces a new project, Comfort Companions, to help those in need by Keeping Pets & Families Together. Learn about this unique approach to reducing the homeless pet problem.

    10/15/2010 - Prop B, the HSUS Agenda, and the Hitler-Like Spider by Frank Losey

    9/15/2010 - AKC designed poster, "In the Balance", emphasizes the importance of electing pro-pet, pro-pet owner, pro-pet breeder candidates. Get your copy by clicking on the image or visiting our Brochures page.

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